About us

Green Development Center (GreenDC) is science and technology organization, established according to Decision no. 178/QD-LHHVN, dated 16th March, 2016 of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association; Operating License of Science and Technology number 1553, dated 25th March, 2016 of Ministry of Science and Technology.

Founders of GreenDC are Vietnam Energy Service Company Viet (ESCO) and Hanoi representative staffs of Energy Conservation Center of Ho Chi Minh City (ECC-HCMC).



Green Development Center is one of the top consultancy, judgment and social expertise on green development and sustainable.


Green Development Center has ability to provide fully service with high quality to satisfy customer’s requirements for economic competitiveness, environmental sustainability, equity and social welfare.


Staff and experts from the GreenDC are professional and experienced in such fields including, energy, environment, infrastructure development, science and technology transfer, ESCO, sociology and coping with climate change.


  • Energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy, cleaner production, climate change, urban and rural development, green-growth and sustainable development.

  • Design, manufacture, experiment, application and transfer technology.
  • Energy audit, master planning, feasibility study, technology investment measures, financial services and consultancy.
  • Socio-economic survey, environmental and social safeguard consultation.
  • Communication, marketing, capacity building, information and knowledge dissemination, event organization, videos production and materials printing.
  • Consultancy, judgment and social expertise on green development and sustainable.



Green.DC is an organization which was established on the basis of representative office of ECC HCMC. We inherit the experience and essential value of the ECC HCMC –  a leading agency in energy efficiency and conservation field, clean energy and ESCO investment in Vietnam.

Experiences of the Green.DC includes:

  • Consultation and Implementation of Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) Projects 
  • Project development, managment, monitoring and evaluation
  • Energy efficiency services (ESCO)
  • Energy audit, energy management, energy label 
  • Communication, capacity building 
  • Social impact assessment and safeguard policy
  • Climate change